HIGH TECH NORWAY is the first of its kind innovation and company building conference in Bergen. We will gather world leading experts in the field to discuss how Norway and Norwegian companies can most effectively grow and innovate.

High Tech Norway is the place for learning, interaction and inspiration for corporate innovators who need to think out of the box in order to cut costs and startups as well as SMEs with an ambition to grow – nationally and globally.

The conference is split up in 2 tracks as well as several workshop sessions. We’ll finish off the day with a networking party that will give plenty of opportunity to practice the newly learned skills as well as meeting future collaborators.

High Tech Norway – Corporate Innovation track

How can large corporations and startups work together to stimulate innovation and cost efficiency?

Would use of more Corporate Venturing and less R&D be more cost efficient for Norwegian companies? How can Corporate Venturing be done more efficiently and with increased quality for all parties? The Corporate Venture track at High Tech Norway is targeting companies and startups interested in strengthening the Corporate Venture ecosystem. Welcome to an interesting and challenging day!

High Tech Norway – Scaling and Company Building track

How can startups and SMEs effectively set-up and grow their businesses in Norway and internationally?

Is the leap from the early adopters to the mainstream market too far fetched for ambitious startups in Norway? Norway is a young tech startup nation. As such we do not have the experience nor confidence to develop ideas into fully fledged global companies. In short, we tend to want to exit at an early stage, which in many cases is Okey. However, exiting too early is not. Because we lack experience and confidence, we also exit value creation that could have been happening here, in Norway.

In order for our young tech startup nation to grow into maturity we need to hold on to knowledge and capital, which also means holding onto our companies. As an example, music streaming service TIDAL just exited to Jay Z and the US, a company born and developed right here in Norway. Did we let it go too soon? And if so, why?
The Scaling and Company Building track at High Tech Norway will give insight in to how tech startups can develop their business in Norway through growth hacking, team expansion and acquiring the right investment. And as a bonus you will find out if TIDAL should have grown up in Norway, and not in the US